About Us

Who We Are

Exact And clear is an african quntitative investment companany that dedicates it knowledge experiance and compitance to resareching and finding innovative ways of profiting from digital assets markets on behalf of its investers.

Our Services

With over 5 years experience in digital asset markets we can manage your investment easily and effectively. Our Company can assist you with any aspect of digital asset investment management, research, advisory services and trading.

Finance Planning

We document an our clients's long-term financial goals and creates a strategy for achieving them.

Tax Planning

We analysis our client’s overall financial situation and conditions in order to craft a financial plan that can be executed in the most tax-efficient manner.

Sales & Trading

We uses a computer program that follows a defined set of instructions (an algorithm) to place a trade. while exploiting finacial market vulnarabilities

Market Research

We blends consumer behaviour and economic trends to confirm and improve our digital investment idea.

Why Choose Us?

Our approach allows the client to obtain steady returns in all market conditions, while respecting the values of professionalism, transparency and safety, and through the use of innovative low risk investment techniques

Our Solution

Our operations involves developing, operating, maintaining, and selling assets in a cost-effective manner
We advise Clients on investments in general or gives specific advice required by the Clients as agreed upon in the Agreement.

Our Expertise

Investment Advisory Services
99% Complete (success)
Asset Management
99% Complete (success)
Algorithmic sales & trading
100% Complete (success)

Our Team

Francis Noah

Chief Investment Officer(CIO)


Financial Engineer


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Kerinele rase